StartupCell conclave will bridge the divide between Education and
Entrepreneurship. The motive of this session is to make students
familiar with the importance of startup and how students can
become job providers rather than job seekers. Students will learn
about how their small ideas can be shaped into full scale
businesses and how they can achieve a rewarding future that
enables them to make a positive impact on the society.
Methodology : Conference, Online Classes, Collaborative Learning
Areas of Discussion
Introduction to Startup
Stories of some Successful college startups
Skills required for 21st century
Importance of Entrepreneurial mindset
Why recruiters prefer Intrapreneurs ?
Converting ideas into profitable business
Design Thinking in Startup
Lean Startup methodology
Protecting IP, Patents for innovation
Types of Companies and how to register
National INNOVATION & STARTUP Policy 19
How to raise funds
Why Investors fund startups?
Types of Funds ( Seed, Angel , VC, IPO)
Importance of co-founders
Share allocation & delegation
How to raise crowd-fund for innovation
Active and passive income in e-business
Digital Marketing (SEO,SMM, Viral)
Common mistakes usually startup’s make
How to Startup @ Campus?
Live examples:
How company started in rural village become
World Top startup without raising fund.
The story of #BookBuckectChallenge
becoming top 5 viral campaigns in world
Other Assistances
All students get free e-books
How to Startup @ Campus ?
Startup Business Directory
UN’s Student Startup Workbook
Q & A: Expert Mentoring support for students’ startup related queries