“ Mini Incubation Center ”
Education Institution
Innovation Center
Why Education Institution should have Mini Incubation Center ?
Students will get world class support for developing their own Startups
Multiple Stream of Income for institution
Monthly Rent and Subscription Fee
Startup Equities
Government Grants and Funds
Sponsorship fees on events
More Media coverage and publicity.
Increased reputation and more footfall.
Less investment, big returns.
Industry Institution- Mentor connect
Personalized support for startup
College as innovation center
World Class Training for startups
Internship opportunities in Startup
Creating World Class Incubation Center in Education Institution
A startup is a small company formed with an individual or a team of a few individuals
who are dedicated to shape an idea into next big thing in the corporate world. Ideally
startups are formed to change the status quo and improve for the better lives of people
directly or indirectly. Most big companies today were startups by students when they
were formed and before they grew to be what they are today.
Companies like google, facebook, twitter, Redbus, flipkart, redbus, snapdeal, etc. are
recent startups in the last 20 years who have seen various degrees of success.
Google was formed in the dorms of Stanford by two PhD students. Redbus created in
Bits Pilani hostel. Facebook was formed at Harvard by a college student who dropped
from the college to pursue the dream of making the company.
StartupCell is a collaborative program designed to help new startups to succeed. It help
student entrepreneurs to solve some of the problems commonly associated with
running a startup by providing information regarding Workspace, Seed funding,
Mentoring, and Training.
Why StartupCell ?
Incubation is a dynamic process of business development.
StartupCell nurture young firms, helping them to survive in their early stage.
What we provide:
Infrastructural support
Expert Mentoring
Platform to do networking
Dynamic editable vanity website
Management assistance
Other support services, specific to incubators
What are StartupCell Mini Incubator ?
A comprehensive program of services targeted to accelerate the
growth and success of startup and emerging firms.
Office space
IT Infrastructure
Meeting Facilities
Student Projects
Risk management
Business Broking
Intellectual Property Rights
Product Development
Financial Consultants
Legal Consultants
StartupCell help Students to convert
ideas into profitable Business
Any Time, Anywhere
Support for Startups
Startupcell help in developing an institutional mechanism to create
entrepreneurial culture in academic institutions to foster growth of
innovation and entrepreneurship amongst the faculty and students.
Mini Incubation Center has been established to train and motivate the
students to become Job Creators rather than Job Seekers. It aims to
cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit among the students such as the spirit of
resilience, risk taking and dedication.
Additional Stream of direct Income for Institution.
Create good reputation and attract more students
Possibility to avail Government grants / funds and accreditations
Why to have StartupCell in Education Institution ?
StartupCell Mini Incubation Center
Startup Lab
Business Plan
Common Mini Incubator Services
Comprehensive business training programs
Mentor Support
Management team identification
Help with business etiquette
Technology commercialization assistance
Help with regulatory compliance
Support in Intellectual property management
Access to angel investors or venture capital
Support College’s in creating a Startup ecosystem.
To act as intermediate between the College and Industries.
Support in organizing seminars and workshops for empowering students.
Support in creating prototypes and specimens for student ideas.
Accessibility to various startup events like hackathons, workshops, Startupfest etc.
Connecting student startup’s with best mentors in Industry.
Support students in getting Internships and Job.
Support students to evaluate their startup ideas .
Guiding to right incubation centers and acceleration programs.
Support students in getting patents for their innovation .
Guiding student startup in registering companies and completing legal formalities.
Helping student startup to avail Government loans and grant’s for their startup.
Support student’s startups in raising Seed/Angel/VC funds.
How StartupCell support Education Institutions ?
How to open StartupCell (Mini Incubation Center) ?
1.) Download & submit the Application form : Click Here
2.) Expert Inspection and Evaluation of institution
3.) MoA signing , Setting up Mini incubation & allotting website
4.) Opening of StartupCell and Startup Day event
Ph: +91-9400490054