Preparing Students for Future
Why StartupCell ?
"India needs a new generation of youth
who are risk takers and willing to chart
out their own path. Creating a startup
along with engineering education is a
great way to gain industry exposure,
knowledge, and skills. This will help
students to decide whether they want to
pursue the path of being an
entrepreneur or use the experience to get
good jobs in the industry"
- Kris Gopalakrishnan, Co-founder, Infosys
Of the nearly 8,00,000 engineering graduates India produces
every year, a whopping 60 percent remain unemployed, says
All India Council for Technical Education
10 Most important skills for future
Adaptive Thinking
Communication Skills
Collaboration Skills
Critical Thinking and
Problem Solving Skills
Personal Management
Inquiry Skills
Technology Skills
Creativity and Innovation
Soft Skills
Empathy and Perspective
Some of most Successful Startups have originated in Colleges
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Making Students part of Startup India Standup India
Creating Entrepreneurial Mindset
The StartupCell introduces students to the
entrepreneurial mindset and provides hands-
on training in high impact entrepreneurship.
Participants develop creative capacity,
entrepreneurial confidence, and acquire the
necessary skills to build scalable startups that
solve real problems.
StartupCell workshop has been designed for
students and first time Entrepreneurs, who
are ready to kick-start their entrepreneur
journey to enhance their basic awareness on
The objective of this workshop is to lead the
participants in their Entrepreneurial pursuit
and empower them to become a successful
Entrepreneur. Support participants to
develop Creative Mindset, Entrepreneurial
confidence and acquire necessary skills to
build New Ventures that solve real problems.
New Venture Creation
New Venture Creation (NVC) Course benefits
students from all socioeconomic backgrounds
because it teaches kids to think outside the
box and nurtures unconventional talents and
skills. It will help them to create own startups
or even the failure help them to gain immense
Project-Based Learning
PBL or Project-Based Learning in which
students identify a real-world problem and
develop its marketable solution. Students
gain knowledge and skills by working for a
longer period of time to investigate and
respond to an engaging or complex
question, problem or challenge and with
support of experienced mentors
Sample Courses
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How StartupCell helps students in starting their Entrepreneurship Journey ?
Why StartupCell “New Venture Creation” Course ?
Entrepreneurship cannot be taught in a day, week, and or month theory
One person cannot clarify all doubts of a student entrepreneur.
Same course cannot suitable for all students as the startup verticals vary.
Biggest task in Entrepreneurship training is creating Entrepreneurial
mindset in students, which books cannot do.
Startups needs constant support from various departments.
Co-founders are most important factor for success of Startup and they
should have similar interest with complementary skills.
StartupCell Project Based Learning (PBL) prepares students for academic,
personal, and career success, and readies young people to rise to the
challenges of their lives and the world they will inherit.
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